Flight 93 National Memorial DVD project

We are very grateful and honored to have the opportunity to produce the Flight 93 National Memorial DVD for the fantastic non-profit group Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial. It will feature the stunning architectural features designed by talented architects Paul and Milena Murdoch, the engraved wall of names and the healing landscape maintained and implemented by the National Park Service. This project will be our small tribute, in loving memory to the heroes... the passengers and crew of Flight 93. We have already begun filming for the DVD project and expect to be finished by summer 2017.

Flight 93 National Memorial DVD



How can something so small cause so much destruction?

It was hard to see at first, but once we spotted it, we started seeing it everywhere. 

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is tiny. These white, fuzzy spots are its egg sacs.

Accidentally introduced to North America from Japan, HWA was discovered in the eastern US in the 1950s. As of 2015, 90% of the geographic range of eastern hemlock in North America has been impacted by HWA.

The DCNR and the Forest Service is fighting the HWA outbreak in Cook Forest State Park in several ways, which will be detailed in our Cathedral film. It's a tough, long fight, but one that must be fought. We cannot lose the ancient hemlocks of Cook Forest. We would all be the poorer for it. 

Frosty Mornings

With mild daytime temperatures the day before and overnight lows in the upper teens, we suspected that the next morning would bring a foggy or frosty morning to Jennings Prairie, so we set out early to be on location at sunrise. 

The frost seemed to have decorated the prairie for Christmas: a dusting of sugar on seedheads and leaves and glittering diamonds on grasses. 

We had the place to ourselves, except for some song sparrows and a few woodpeckers. Mornings don't get much better than this. 

Jennings Frost 2.png