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The Last Prairie

Jennings Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania.

Jennings Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania.

We've wanted to film this for years, and conditions and timing finally cooperated for us this year. It's the last part of our three-year-long journey to document the Jennings Prairie, one of the last remaining prairies in Pennsylvania.

These yearly or semi-yearly burns help generate new growth and limit invasive species of plants. We'd like to make a special tribute to all firefighters and stewards of our public lands. The crew at Jennings did an amazing job with this burn. 

Special thank you to the great staff at Jennings and DCNR Forestry. They were great to work with and so careful with fire. Fire is so powerful...a small gust of wind swept the fire though the landscape in a blink of an eye. An amazing experience.

Watch for our film "The Last Prairie" later this year.

David RohmComment