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From the Canopy

As Wild Excellence Films continues to document the health of Cook Forest's trees and the spread of HWA for our Cathedral film, we had an amazing fall day shooting footage in the last, great, old growth forest of Pennsylvania.

With special permission from Cook Forest State Park managers, we were able to film a tape "drop," a method of measuring the huge ancient trees. We had not hiked in this particular area of the park too much, but this drainage was really special and beautiful. 

Wild Excellence Films brought in a team of talented arborists from across the state who used a special 4-inch wide sling to hug the trees at the top to protect them in preparation for the climb. Needless to say, we got some outstanding, dramatic footage of the process. 

The climbing team was simply amazing.... they are tremendous athletes and people. They are true conservationists who cared about the trees immensely, and our film project. We found no HWA in this section of the forest, which is great news! We were able to study and learn so much about these trees by being up in the canopy and collecting data from the ground up.

Special thanks to tree climbing expert/arborist T.C. Mazar and his team for organizing this special day. The ancient Hemlock and old White Pine we measured were well over 100 feet tall and perhaps as much as 300 years old. It was an honor to spend time with and film these magnificent trees, and awesome to make some new friends.

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