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Our Story

Husband and wife team Melissa and David Rohm have more than three decades of experience behind the lens, and their passion for the natural world is what inspired them to launch WEF. Their goal is to make cause documentaries that educate, inform, and awe audiences, encouraging people to get involved with saving wild places and the living things that inhabit them.

They are currently working on film projects about the Golden Eagles of Greater Yellowstone's Big Horn Basin, a short film about Blackwater Falls, West Virginia and just finished the Flight 93 National Memorial DVD. 

Melissa Rohm/Filmmaker, Founder

Melissa Rohm has more than 25 years of photography experience and has been published in national magazines and contests including Pittsburgh magazine, Organic Gardening magazine, National Wildlife magazine, and The Beartooth Times. Her background in biology and strong interest in conservation informs her still photography and film work, emphasizing wild, natural scenes and always working with the utmost respect for wildlife. Melissa practices the highest ethics and professionalism when it comes to photographing wildlife in its natural habitat and is dedicated to preserving the integrity of wildlife filmmaking to protect wildlife and scenic places.

Melissa's photography takes the artistic nature of still photography and translates it to video, giving the audience a more intimate and natural view and feel for the wildlife and scenic landscapes she captures.

Melissa is an avid kayaker and has dedicated an enormous amount of her time to protecting and restoring Pennsylvania's watersheds for paddlers and wildlife. 

David Rohm/Filmmaker

David Rohm has always been a strong and passionate advocate of photography and photographers throughout his career as an art director. He has improved and edited thousands of images and countless hours of video.

He is passionate about all things involving conservation and wildlife, parks, and public lands. He is also an experienced paddler and steward of Pennsylvania's waterways. David and his wife Melissa founded Wild Excellence Films, using their film and photography backgrounds to film conservation and wildlife projects. They are currently working on a film project in Cook Forest, Pennsylvania, about the fight to save old growth trees from an invasive insect. Additional projects include films for Allegheny Land Trust and the Flight 93 National Memorial.

David is very dedicated to all things related to wilderness conservation and the protection of open space for wildlife and people, including improving and expanding national and state parks, and has donated countless hours volunteering his time and professional services for those causes. He also serves on the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Council and believes in the "Wild Excellence" in all things. Fun fact: David's favorite F-stop is 4.5.